We provide family addiction solutions for families struggling with addiction and codependency.

Addiction and codependency impact the entire family - not just the individual - which is why trying to address your loved one's addiction in isolation leaves you feeling hopeless and defeated. The entire family ecosystem needs to be addressed, and that's why we employ a step-by-step approach called Family Addiction Coaching. It's a proven, 360-degree process to identifying and creating an action plan for healing the family system.

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What is Family Addiction Coaching?

Listen to Kevin Petersen MA, LMFT and Founder of The Chronic Hope Institute to learn more.


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For just $50, our self-paced online course and download the Chronic Hope book series, to learn how setting boundaries, maintaining accountability, and providing full transparency are the keys to turning recovery.


Who We Are

The family is a system, and when addiction affects an individual, it affects the entire family. Healing from addiction is possible, but only when the entire family works together. At The Chronic Hope Institute, we focus on families and help them heal from addiction and codependency through family addiction coaching. Our team of professional therapists are specialized in helping families identify challenges, set boundaries, create action plans, navigate through difficult scenarios, and become a happier, healthier family.



Meet Our Founder



Originally from California, Kevin received his masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2011 from Regis University and has more than a decade of professional experience helping families heal from addiction through various mental health organizations. In 2014, Kevin established his private practice, Petersen Family Counseling, which specializes in working with families and individuals struggling with addiction, codependency, and parenting.

Kevin has published two books: Chronic Hope: Parenting the Addicted Child and Chronic Hope: Families & Addiction, which share an integrated, holistic approach to healing families in crisis due to addiction and codependency. He established The Chronic Hope Institute in 2020 with a mission to help families in crisis through family addiction coaching  and empower mental health professionals with this training to help families. Dedicated to strengthening the family system, Kevin turns helplessness into hope.




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